About Mon Ami Foundation

Mon Ami Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit Trust, registered in India, with a strong focus on social responsibility. We work closely with corporates, domain experts, service providers and recipient communities to ensure equal participation from all stakeholders so as to add value across the board.

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Shared values and objectives are vital for maximum impact. We work with companies, service providers and NGO’s.

Foundation Updates

A brief overview of our recent activities

Baswa Pottery Village project

Baswa a small village located north east of Jaipur, Rajasthan. It has a small but diminishing community of potters, currently there are a 100 potter families. Even though the potters possess incredible skills and traditional knowledge, due to dwindling markets and related reasons, the next generation will not continue to be potters. baswa Pottery is […]

Joy of crafting

Converting a drawing or a concept into yarn did’nt appear to be a challenge till I got down to making it myself. I often have drawn and shown my drawings during my skill training programs. Usually a image and process is crystal clear to me in my mind. !!  For many years I drew to […]

Skill training at Katha Lab school

The crochet project Developing toys as story telling tools To narrate stories and make them come alive following the story pedagogy of Katha To play with safe toys To interact using puppets , role playing. Making stories tangible with real life examples. In an endeavor to draw first-generation readers into the ambit of reading for fun […]

Looping threads of livelihood

A talk in Pearl academy. Fast fashion, new trends, new colour palettes is always the buzz world in textiles and fashion. Like the teaming millions gunning for the Fifa world cup (for the un initiated The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA /ˈfiːfə/ FEEF-ə; French for “International Federation of Association Football“, young aspiring design students gear up for the upcoming few years […]