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Mon Ami Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit Trust, registered in India, with a strong focus on social responsibility. We work closely with corporates, domain experts, service providers and recipient communities to ensure equal participation from all stakeholders so as to add value to both businesses and communities.

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Toys for children

Ektara as the word literally means EK TAR or 1 thread – we started this initiative reaching out to semi-skilled women in rural pockets of NCR region we are striving to provide them sustainable income. This thread begins from the women who craft these toys to the young children who love playing with them. The thread of happiness […]

Project Ektara- Women’s skill development project

A craft revival project, generating income for marginalised income groups, mostly women in the NCR region.   The project provides remunerative work to semi- skilled women. The women craft crochet toys from their homes with the material provided. The toys are made in safe materials that are designed to enhance motor skills, cognitive skills in infants and […]

Livelihood – Rural villages in the heart of Gurgaon

Stitching and tailoring units are usually the first solution presented to corporate houses who want to put the CSR funds for women livelihood projects. It is mandatory to understand that women who live in rural areas in the big cities are migrants from different parts of the country. They usually have some lifeskill that they […]

from Sands of Jaisalmer

  Camel wool has traditionally been used by camel breeders for the crafting of household items, including ropes, blankets, rugs, charpoys and even jackets. However, no marketing of camel wool items has ever taken place, nor have there ever been any attempts to develop new products that would be of interest to urban consumers. It […]