Our Network

At Mon Ami Foundation we recognize that partnerships with Corporates are no longer merely financial transactions. It is important that our service providers and Corporates work towards shared values and objectives.

Our Approach

Shared Goal

  • Ensuring compatibility between corporate and service provider
  • Drawing up mutually acceptable metrics
  • Assigning a Project Lead from within the corporate to coordinate with

Become Long Term Partners

  • Guaranteeing equal status within the partnership
  • Successful partnerships will result in third party endorsement

Transparent and Timely Execution of Projects

  • Assessment and reassessment of goals and progress
  • Cashless, integrated platform
  • Closed loop feedback mechanism

Our Network Partners

Green Power Systems: GPS Renewables’ revolutionary Bio-methanation technology (Biourja) with online monitoring caters to all the current issues faced in dealing with wet waste generated by organisations , which can lead to a Swachh Bharat.  Founded by IIM Bangalore alumni, GPS has proven its technology with more than 30 currently functional projects across the country. The state of the art online monitoring and feedback system is a first in India and is an answer to making a city smart in managing its waste. GPS has gone one step further in developing organic manure (OrganoMAGIC) from the leftover slurry after biogas generation.  Combining the low cost decentralized Biogas plant model along with OrganoMAGIC, GPS is now ready to make its motto “No waste left over from wet waste” a reality.

Website link: http://www.greenpowersystems.co.in

Project Ektara was initiated after extensive research and varied development work  across north India in the craft of crochet and knitting. A craft revival project as well as a livelihood project it pans out to semi-skilled women in rural pockets of NCR region we are striving to provide them sustainable income.

Having trained more than 200 women who work from their homes, where the foundation provides skill assessment support, training and product development. Foundation provides experts in the field to sustain thier work to develop contemporary products that reach out to newer markets across India and now to Suvasa and Fabindia.

One of the range of products are hand crocheted cotton toys that are well researched and have a multi-sensory appeal and are not limited to ages. The toys enable self-expression and also enhance motor skills and cognitive skills. They are crafted carefully in high quality mercerized cotton that make them safe and durable. The products made by them are checked for quality.

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Ektaradesign/shop/

Lokhit Pashu Palak Sansthan 

Lokhit Pashu Palak Sansthan means “welfare organization for livestock keepers” in Hindi.

LPPS is a non-profit organization registered under the Rajasthan Societies Act. It was set up in 1996 to support Raika camel pastoralists in an acute crisis.

LPPS has its base in Sadri in Rajasthan, the drought-prone state in the west of India, where mobile livestock keeping has always been the mainstay of its rural people, especially its pastoralist societies.

A close relationship with animals is deeply embedded into Rajasthan’s rural culture, and the state is famous throughout India as home of the one-humped camel and superior indigenous livestock breeds.

LPPS aims to support rural livelihoods through participatory research and community implementation of sustainable land use practices. LPPS advocates for the rights and responsibilities of pastoralists & livestock keepers under national and international legal frameworks, including the Forest Rights Act and the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.

Camel Charisma is a social enterprise that aims to develop, promote and market environment friendly products from the camel. Founded in 2010 by two founders, Mr. Hanwant Singh Rathore & Dr. Ilse Kohler-Rollefson, Camel Charisma has been inspired by the experiences and close connection of Lokhit Pashu Palak Sansthan (LPPS) with Rajasthan’s camel pastoralists. It was set up as an outcome of a project by LPPS to revive Rajasthan’s camel husbandry for creating sustainable rural livelihoods in semi-arid and arid areas, as well as creating job income opportunities for the local communities.

The purpose of Camel Charisma is to provide economic incentives for camel breeders to continue keeping camels for their livelihood and to contribute to the sustainable management of the Thar Desert and conserve this biodiversity rich agro-ecosystem.

Website link: http://www.lpps.org/

MYSUN is a leading technology backed rooftop solar solutions and services company. The company offers customised solutions to Commercial & Industrial as well as Residential consumer segments along with in-house financing solutions to provide easy buying options for customers including its SME/ MSME clients. From customised engineering to hyper-local sales and service, MYSUN provides a premium, exhaustive and highly reliable 25 years solar journey to its clients across India.

Website Link:  https://www.itsmysun.com/

Synergy is committed to support traditional arts and provide sustainable livelihood to skilled artisans. Synergy through the Typecraft Initiative is supporting the women of Rabari community in Kutch known for their Debaria Rabari Embroidery. Synergy is also committed to empowerment of girls through education and to serve the under privileged, abandoned-homeless, mentally disabled senior citizens.

Sudhir Agarwal from ib Platform believes that CSR is for a Cause and CSR is best delivered through an ecosystem of right and likeminded committed stakeholders with strong value system. it is all about ‘Reach the Unreach’!

Website Link:  https://www.synergyconsultingifa.com/

ib PLATFORM partners with Mon Ami Foundation to enhance the outreach to the institutional donors.

They also have strong linkages into the Information Technology sector to promote STEM as the viable option for skills development to improve livelihood prospects.

Website link http://www.ibplatform.com/

Our other partners