The Typecraft Initiative

The primary goal of this initiative is to help artisans to sustain their livelihood through the creation and sale of the typefaces. The typefaces are meant to inspire, create awareness and generate further interest in the art, history, context, and life of the people and the communities we work with. The typefaces are not only an archive of the IPR of communities that are on the brink of merging with mainstream society, but they are meant to be a celebration of their rich artistic heritage that — through the creation of a digital typeface — has been converted to a contemporary medium.

The initiative aims to not only to provide livelihood to the artists but also allows them to think in new ways — in a world where they are no longer able to sustain themselves solely through traditional networks and systems.

In collaboration with traditional artisans associated with Kala Raksha, NGO , Bhuj , Gujarat.

In 1993, KALA RAKSHA was established as a registered society and trust. Comprising artisans, community members, and experts in the fields of art, design, rural management and museums, KALA RAKSHA today works with nearly 1,000 embroidery artisans of seven ethnic communities

The Typecraft Initiative  started by Ishan Khosla – his vision for the project  is to be more involved in creating Indic typefaces in scripts such as the devanagari and dravidian systems. This is far more challenging than creating typecraft in the Latin script, due to the number and complexity of the glyphs in Indic scripts. We will have to re-think our approach and how to simplify the letters to make them functional and yet embed the ‘DNA’ of the craft into the letters — so that they represent the particular tribal or craft community involved in their creation. Other areas the Typecraft initaitive has been taken.