Camel Poo Paper

camel paper box

In close association with  traditional pastoralist community in Rajasthan, this project helps impart techniques to the women to develop paper from camel poop which is then sold in the local market. This project not only helps the environment but also helps to get sustainable income to the women.

Mon ami foundation in association with Lok Pashu Palak Sansthan Sadri, Rajasthan has been working with the local community to improve the quality of life. Helping women in the region to be more empowered with sustainable income.

The camel poo paper is made of the dung comes from the camel herds owned by the Raika and grazing in the Aravalli Hills. As the camels eat a very varied diet – consisting of 36 different trees, shrubs, and grasses (accoding to local knowledge), the dung paper is extremely biodiverse!

The  foundation helps by working with IIT, Roorkee to improve the quality of the paper and then also link LPPS with buyers.