Gazipur – skill development and livelihood

Project Gazipur – skill training to Rag pickers

At the Ghazipur landfill in New Delhi, the rag picking women make a living by picking through garbage in search of bottles, metal and human hair. New Delhi produces about 9,200 tons of trash daily, up 50% from 2007.The IL&FS waste to energy plant at Gazipur is soon going to convert all waste into energy rendering hundreds of rag pickers jobless. Their initiative to give the rag pickers a new way of life though skilling and enabling the rag pickers is called Gulmeher.

Mon Ami Foundation conducted  a workshop to enable and train the rag picking women of Gazipur to learn new skills, and utilise them to develop products that can be sold in the market. The volunteers and experts educated and trained the selected group of women in crochet and

Hand crocheted cotton basket


These women will then work directly with Gulmeher, a producer company to market their products and earn livelihood thru their new acquired   skills.