Recycle Reduce and Reuse -Sensitizing school children


our unwanted material is called WASTE!!

Some waste can be recovered and recycled.But some waste piles up so much so that the earth would completely be covered in it if we don’t manage waste properly

Garbage or wet waste

however, could be used to


so it is a resource that is being considered useful.

Clean Energy from Waste:

Biogas = clean fuel.

a replacement for LPG or natural gas and can generate electricity.

It is independent of sun, wind or water.

better waste management and a cleaner environment.

Biogas projects are feasible irrespective of the terrain and geography


Mritunjya from GPS at the school for talk on Biogas and awareness on waste

Mon ami foundation has initiated a programe in a tie up with Green power systems of GPS renewable in sensitizing the children on the problems of large waste being generated by all of us.