Sustainable Community

Living in NCR over the last few months has been a huge challenge. What started off as the regular Diwali fortnight issue quickly turned into the known issue of the winter smog.

The predictable press coverage followed by announcement of steps and mandatory walks and candle light vigils did take place and then there was a couple of days of rain and favourable winds and other issues of national importance to take away all discussion and debate over this issue.


I haven’t stopped thinking about all the misery that we as a family  have gone thru this season. What should we do. What can we do. Should we start to consume less. Should we give up on the car. Should we get more plants in the house. How many people will this resonate with. Is it practical, possible. Will it make any impact and by when


I think the response to the situation has to be more scientific, practical, effective and efficient. we have to create  pockets of excellence.  Demonstrate its viability, sustainability and be ability to replicate it.

We need to create  a #sustainable community or a micro environment where we can control the parameters. Just to give an example of a large computer Data Centre. The biggest problem that needs to be solved there is power and cooling. Any Data Centre manager would tell you that buying the biggest computers is never a problem. Trying to get energy/power to make them work is the challenge. Also managing all the heat generated by these computers is a challenge


This vicious cycle consumes most of the cost of running any data centre and keeps the managers occupied. Many generations of technology and managers have spent loads of money to solve the problem. Its reasonable to assume that the efficiency has increased many fold

Now think of this for any community. Generating power to run the gadgets, ACs etc. is the issue. Then Waste Management is the other problem

Any attempt to try and reduce this consumption is unlikely to work in a growing economy. You will have to assume that year on year there will be growth in requirement and it has to be planned and budgeted.

Similarly the waste generation will happen and increase year on year.  The way forward world be to find a Carbon Neutral equilibrium to ensure there is no environmental degradation.

This is easier said than done but it has to be achieved.  There has to be many cycles of experimentation and load balancing that would need to be worked on before a stable and acceptable level is achieved not only for the current consumption levels but also over the next few years hoping that the technology advancements will keep pace with the consumption growth