Sustainability for Children


A workshop for children to sensitize them to their environment and understand Recycle, Reduce and Reuse . Children are going to be the future decision makers and to help sustain our ecosystems it is imperative that they are made aware of the concept of sustainability in the urban environment they live in.

Making newspaper bags – the concept of recycling, and simplicity of reusing by making their own bag. Each thing that was used during the workshop was kept in the bag safely without wasting or leaving behind anything.








we eat in easy to throw plates and plastic glasses, however rarely we realize what we leave behind into the environment cannot go back to Earth

Upcyling plates into beautiful sun catchers

we pledged with recycled bracelets to reduce waste

Lets think about the waste when we use, lets understand what we need and if we need. lets do this with children and not be blinded by following the’norm’ .